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Cleaning Tampa Bay One House at a Time

All homes require ongoing maintenance. Rather than spending your time trying to find someone to take care of your immediate needs, just ask us. A Thrifty Maid is here to save you time and money on housekeeping throughout Tampa, Florida. We repair minor plumbing issues, install light bulbs, patch holes in the wall, and a number of other services. Remember, we are here for you.

If you want the entire house cleaned, we can do it. If you only need the bathrooms and hard floors cleaned, no problem. Remember, you are the boss. We are available weekly, bi-weekly, for one-time service, and for new construction cleanups.

Cost-Efficient Home Cleaning

What makes A Thrifty Maid different from other cleaning companies, is that we provide you with a lump sum rate for cleaning services, not an hourly amount, which could be double the price you had in mind. When you go shopping, you want to know how much an item costs before you checkout, rather than finding out after you swipe your bank card that the item was considerably more than you had in mind. We are here to make your life easier, with no surprises.

We accommodate special requests and detailed cleanings that go above and beyond the normal maintenance cleaning. If desired, we can clean your windows, inside your refrigerator or oven, and even move your couch and clean behind it. If you have built a new home or had it remodeled, we provide post-construction cleanup as well. Whatever you need, just ask and give us a few days 'prior notice, and we will be there, at your service.

Dust Cleaning


Dust Walls, Ceiling Fans, Wall Ornaments, Mini-Blinds, Air Vents, Windowsills, Chair Rails, and Baseboards • Remove Soap Buildup from Tile, Grout, and Corners • Clean Inside and Outside of Glass Shower Doors • Scrub All Tiles and Tub/Shower Area • Polish All Faucets & Shower Heads • Clean & Dry Sinks • Clean & Sanitize Toilet Both Inside & Out • Clean Tissue Holder & Towel Racks • Shake Out Bathroom Rugs • Vacuum & Mop Floor


Dust Walls, Ceiling Fans, Wall Ornaments, Mini Blinds, Air Vents, Windowsills, Chair Rails, and Baseboards • Clean Cabinets, Outside of All Appliances, Counter Space, and Kitchen Table • Polish Chrome on Sink, Tables, and Chairs • Scour Sink • Vacuum and Mop Floor

General Areas

Dust Walls, Ceiling Fans, Wall Ornaments, Mini Blinds, Air Vents, Windowsills, Chair Rails and Baseboards • Dust and Polish Furniture, Shelves, and Knickknacks • Move Small Furniture and Vacuum Floor Area • Vacuum Furniture or Wipe with Damp Cloth • Make All Beds and Change Bed Linens